Docker Basics

Docker is a tool for creating environments. For example, if we need to test something on a clean linux we could use docker to test it instead of virtual machine. That is what I am going to do here. Create and start docker container In order to create and run docker container we first need […]

Quick’n’easy Cmake tutorial

Introduction Cmake is a tool used to generate build files. Build files are what is used to build a project. An example of a build file would be a makefile. You can then use make tool (or mingw32-make on Windows) to build the project and generate an executable. Cmake is not a build tool itself, […]

Getting started with nRF5 SDK

This is aimed as a very basic tutorial on using the Nordics SDK, version 15.2.0 . There are already a lot of good guides directly from Nordic so this is just a quick brief on how to get things set up and running as fast as possible. Although I’ll be using version 15.2.0 these steps […]